René Gabrielli
.online portfolio

Trimaran teaser (2017)

Trimaran yacht concept teaser. 3D animation for Gabrielli Studio.


Kia (2015)

Concept of hovercar for Kia company.


Google Car (2013-2014)

Inovative project with Google company. Animation shows combination of my ideas and ideas of my school colegues. Situated in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, where we created this project. City was created in 3D, then I put inside a several car concepts and animated it. My concept was a car as a drone with lot of new technologies (check 3D gallery to find more).


Audi Lightweight: Part I (2012-2013)

Official project for Audi company with their coordination. Topic Lightweight was concetrated on light and weight, clean and abstract project ideas and after that, the results. My idea was to bring light on surface of a car parts. Video shows light effects projected on abstract white model design with music in dark environment. This combination created an emotionally strong experience for spectator.


Civilization (2012)

Project created on school back in 2012. Took about 3 months to complete from scratch to rendered animation. Contains several experiments of that time such as design development like creating objects, vehicles, environment in one "corporate" design style. Then new rendering and postproduction solutions such as real-time rendering in cryengine. Animation shows frozen civilization, created as game environment for use in this specific industry.


Showcase (preview) 2011